this was weird

i work front desk at a physical therapy clinic.

i went to wendys to get dinner. while i was waiting in line, the cashier, an older woman maybe in her 40's, was like... eyein me. she looked like an older version of selena, but chubby.

anyway, i got to the register and i ordered my food. she saw my shirt, which has our companys logo on it, and asked how long ive been working there. i told her a few months and the conversation went like this:

selena: oh a few months? i dont like getting massages from women, makes me uncomfortable
me: oh well, we have a few guys there, too! you should come by, they can really help you out.
selena: oh no, i dont want any of them....i want you to do it

all this happened while i ordered two jr cheeseburgers.

me: uhhh ohhh hahaha, no, im not a therapist, i work in the front
selena: well, it only takes a little bit to get your license, right? ill wait for you.

now, she didnt say this as a joke. she said this with a straight face. she was looking at me with stone-cold (steve austin hell yeah 3:16) look.
anyway, i then moved to where you get your food and went on my phone to look busy so she wouldnt talk to me. then, she came up to the counter, grabbed my cup (i had one from a gas station) and asked what was in it.

me: oh, i got diet dr pepper, but its ok, i dont want you to get in trouble
selena: too bad, we dont have diet. it's a shame, i wouldve have...topped you off...

at this point, i kinda lost my appetite. it wasnt that she was ugly or anything (i mean, she was kinda janky lookin but whatever), it was just so....weird. it must suck to be a chick bc that shit was fucking awkward. and ive never really been hit on before, so that too made it fucking awkward.

finally, she was putting my food in the bag and continued on

selena: yeah, i work as caretaker, too. when people ask me if i make enough money, i show them my 2011 ford focus and say, 'what do you think?'
me: yeah, cars are cool ok bye thanks

and i left

ruined someone's surprise engagement

i work at a massage/spa clinic at the front desk. these two girls, around 26-28 came in for massages. they got their massages done and i was up front waiting for them to come out.

the first girl, ill call her glasses, came out first, alone. my boss was up front with me talking to a customer and i was getting ready to ring up glasses. while i was checking out glasses, she asked if we could do group sessions. i asked her how many people and she said around ten or so, for a bridal shower or whatever. i was like, "sure, we can do that"

then, her friend, i will call her blondie, came out of her session. she was like "wow, i need to get my bf to get my a gift card for valentines day here", so i i knew she didnt have any idea about the engagement.

she came up to my computer and i started ringing them up when i asked glasses "so did you wanna find out about that group session?" and she was like "OH NO no thanks hahaha." at that point, i was like OOOOH SHIT and tried to recover. then glasses turned to her friend and was like "for my parents and grandparets, yknow" and blondie was like "oh ok, cool whatever"

THEN my boss finished up with her customer and came up to us and said "oh, so i heard you mention you wanted to do something for a bridal shower??" and everything just stopped and got really awkward and quiet. glasses was like "uhhhh hahaha no, i was about my grandparents and stuff, to have them all come in ahaha" and blondie was like "oh my gaaaaaaaah" but like, to herself, under her breathe and i was like "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee lemme go ahead and check you out"

then they left and i started laughing to the point of tears and explained to my boss what happened and she was like "i dont curr"